Friday, April 02, 2010

Because I Said So

My column in The Commercial Appeal yesterday was about the kids always wanting - needing! - to go someplace other than wherever it is they are at the moment, usually our house. I go on from there to how expensive all of the local attractions are - the zoo, Children's Museum, Botanic Gardens, etc. It's really quite clever.

A couple of interesting items came from that column. Drake & Zeke, on their morning drive-time radio program, said some very nice things about the column, me and my writing. I appreciate that very much.

Today, former mayor of Memphis and current CEO of the Children's Museum called to discuss the column and let me know why any sort of all-city pass to these attractions won't work. Mainly because places like the zoo and Botanic Gardens are a public/private venture while places like the Children's Museum and Dixon Gallery & Gardens are completely private. Makes sense, but I still think there could be some tweaking. I wasn't really looking for an answer, I was just trying to be funny in 500 words, but it was nice of Mayor Hackett to take the time to discuss it with me, it was a very philosophical conversation.

I didn't think about recording the phone call until later, but below is the bit from the Drake & Zeke show. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

My sister is a librarian in Minnesota--several of their libraries actually have one-day passes for different attractions/museums/etc that you can 'check out' --free admission...not sure how it's funded, but they can check out all kinds of great libraries!

Stacey Greenberg said...

You are an official media whore!

Rita.the.bookworm said...

To follow up on Anonymous with a link:

However, we've tried for four years to get passes to the expensive places and they're always checked out. I've begun to wonder if they really exist. The one for the Institute of the Arts is always in, because, well, they don't charge admission there, they take donations, which you'd feel obliged to give even with a pass.

Naomi Van Tol said...

I'm sure Dick Hackett was nice and polite and all, but that public/private excuse is totally lame.

For example: Anyone who googles "citypass" can see that Atlanta includes 100% private enterprises like the "World of CocaCola" and tours of CNN headquarters in their list of attractions.

Why can't we do the same?