Thursday, January 07, 2010

No Snow Day

Is there anything more disheartening than watching three children trudge off down the driveway on their way to school, snow underfoot? Only the sight of their mother, a school teacher, shuffling off to work.

They promised us snow. They promised it since last weekend and they delivered, sort of. In a sick, twisted way we had snow fall last night. Some schools are closed, most are not. Ours are not.

I know people from the north who read this and are laughing that anything at all would be made about, what a friend wrote this morning, having " ... snow like a New Orleans beignet has powdered sugar, if that," but I like that a little snow slows everything down, if not stopping it altogether. The anticipation, planning for snowmen and snowball fights, fires and hot chocolate, can take any adult back to childhood and is the stuff my kids' memories will be made of.

How miserable it must be to live up north, get eight inches of snow, and still be expected to show up everywhere. That's no fun.

Three-year-old GK is home today anyway due to a slight fever yesterday. She has wild plans to eat snow. To hear her tell it, she may eat all of the snow that fell in the city last night. I plan to stay inside and drink coffee.

She also hopes to talk all day long by the sound of it. I don't think she's stopped since waking and she shows no signs of slowing, or quieting, down. It will make work difficult for me today. It will make drinking coffee and watching Dora very easy, however.

Hope you all are staying warm and arrived at your destinations safely this morning. I'm sorry there had to be any destination at all.


Stephanie said...

It's amazing how much a three-year-old girl can talk, isn't it? Chloe had the exact same kind of morning. I feel sorry for her teachers.

Chip said...

I actually turned to stone at the breakfast table this morning.

Anonymous said...

She sounds so like her mother in at least two ways. On a Memphis school "snow" day (hilarious by the way) she would scrap that powdered sugar off the grass to get enough for snow ice cream. And the talking sounds a lot like her Mother (and me). Love it. - Amy

Anonymous said...

And I meant to say scrape and meant to say "She sooo sounds like her mother" because I know how you like it when people do that.

Favorite Aunt Carol said...

Yes, I have many employees that thought they should have a snow day today, however, that never happens. It has not stopped snowing since 1:00 a.m., shoveled twice before I left for work at 7:15!!

Echo said...

Schools were closed up here in Tipton County. It was nice to get the break, but I really have so much work that needs to be done (also a journalist)! Bleh.

My family up north and my Canadian friends all had a good chuckle at my kids sledding in our grass/snow mix. lol! So at least it entertained both the kids and the Canucks. ;)

PS - My 3-year-old has the same incessant talking problem, but she comes by it honestly. ;)