Wednesday, June 03, 2009

He Knows the Tooth

C lost a tooth tonight. Another tooth. I think that's number 37 or 38 thus far and I'm not sure how that kid even chews any more.

He just came into the office and said, "Make sure the tooth fairy remembers I lost a tooth."

I asked him how I was supposed to get in touch with the tooth fairy and he said, "I know the tooth fairy doesn't exist."

I told him that once the magic of believing goes, then so does the money, and he said, in regards to his naive siblings, "But they still believe and if they ask to see my dollar in the morning then I have to show it to them."

So while the magic of the tooth fairy and of childhood beliefs have gone the way of his eye teeth, it appears that extortion is still vibrant and healthy.

Can I borrow a dollar?


theogeo said...

I want that kid on my team.

The password is "arecon." Heh.

sf said...

It is kinda sad when they get to that age. When they are actually smarter than you. Pure genius. Keep that kid away from my daughters, will ya?

Anonymous said...

The standard mantra in my family (my sister and I both use it) is, "If you don't believe, s/he won't come." We just keep saying it over and over again until our now teenagers roll their eyes and say, "OK! I believe"!

Besides, the tooth fairy frequently forgot to make an appearance for days after a tooth was lost in our household. I think she suffered from chronic forgetfulness and sleep deprivation, myself.

This made me giggle! Thank you RJA!
-- Jo Lynne