Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have two girls, S, five-years-old, and GK, two. They are stubborn and bossy, respectively.

Last night, S talked to her mother in a manner that mothers should not be addressed. I sent her immediately to her room and left her to think about it. Later, I told her she could come out if she would go and apologize to her mom. She went in the kitchen, but just stood there while Kristy talked to her. When she was finished, I asked Kristy if she had said "I'm sorry" and she said no. So I put her back in her room.

A bit later, just before dinner, I went in and asked if she was ready to apologize and she said no. That girl would rather sit in solitary than say she's sorry.

Eventually she was sprung without my consent. I would have left her in there all night, because I'm stubborn like that.

GK's hobby is telling everyone what to do and then watching as whatever it is is carried out. This morning she and Kristy were in our bed and I kissed GK goodbye and she said, "Kiss mommy." Well, I was going to. I don't need to be told to. But then it looked as though I was just doing what she said, which is what she likes.

Kristy does the same thing. If we turn a movie on, as soon as the DVD starts if the volume is too loud, she'll tell me to turn it down as I'm already reaching for the remote. But then it looks as though I was just doing what she said, which is what she likes.


Kristy said...

Hey! For the record, S did apologize before coming out of her room. What am I, not a team player? Now it's your turn to apologize!

sinisterdan said...

Your child and mine must share the same syndrome.


Benjamin I Cole said...

I'm on the phone yesterday with this lady Nancy to ask her about the details of Rosa's dance recital. I can't finish the conversation witout Amy beeping in to ask me if I'll call Nancy about the recital! Amy asks me every night to set my phone alarm. She may as well ask me to brush my teeth before bed and take a pee when i get up in the morning.