Monday, July 07, 2008

Visions of C

C just returned from a long weekend with his Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Toby visiting with other family members at a mini-reunion in Statesboro, GA. By all accounts, he behaved himself on his first out of town trip without either parent. I knew he would.

He also had a blast, as I knew he would. I used to take trips like this as a boy, visiting family out of state without my parents. It's a great learning experience I think, that little taste of freedom, though without having to be too responsible. Just the right amount of freedom for someone his age. You learn initiative and a bit of self-reliance, and the whole experience is a character builder as Favorite Aunt Carol would say.

He can't stop talking about things that were said and games that were played and food that was eaten. He played with his cousins, Terryn, the Little Lady and Ben and Eric from way up north. He visited with Nonna, Mimi & Pop and played in the pool with Uncle Johnny just as I used to do.

It's a weekend he'll always remember. It's the very vacation that I can remember.


Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

My baby is getting all grown up! He had such a great time. It's just a shame I'm going to have to ban him from future family gatherings where there's the chance that he may come home with a nasty sunflower seed habit.

Favorite Aunt Carol said...

What a time we had with that special little man. He was the best. He was a great team captain for charade's and I was so lucky to be on his team!! His team rocked!
Thanks for letting him be with us, we missed all of you, but he was a great representative for your family. Oh and by the way, I didn't teach him the sunflower seed habit!

Katherine said...

Don't worry Auntie Carol, there's still plenty of time for you to teach him other bad habits!