Thursday, January 17, 2008

GK Says

Every once in a while I'm reminded that this blog is a place of record for my kids and their leaps and bounds. So I need to say today that over the past week, it seems, GK has begun talking. It is her birthright to talk - a lot - as she comes from a family of talkers. She's been taking gradual steps toward verbosity, but the past week has really seen a torrent of new words and sentence-like structures. I attribute this to the near-constant din in our house and needing to be heard above it, and the tutelage of Miss A. and her Montessori ways.

Here is a list of GK's vocabulary at 19 months in no particular order (except the first one):

woof woof (her term for dog)
meow (her word for cat, though it's pronounced ew)


Stephanie said...

That list will grow exponentially in the next three months, if my 22-month-old is any indication.

Kristy said...

She also seems to be French, just as JP did at this age. For example, she uses the French verb a (pronounced ah) a lot. As in "Daddy a ew" which means "Daddy just changed my diaper and is accompanied by gestures. And she has her own way of forming possesives: by adding an "ah" sound to the end of a word. So she will point to my shoes and say "Mommy-ah."

Secret Agent Mom said...

Sure, lots of 19-month-olds can talk, but it's her gift of imitation that's really impressive.

The Saucier said...

I should be higher on the list – certainly above fish.

katherine said...

You're above fish on my list, Toby.

Jeff A. said...

Very nice. Smart little miss. Can you teach her to say, "Slick Rick on da mika-fown"?